Winning video at SSSW 2011

Last week was held the 8th European Summer School on Ontological Engineering and the Semantic Web (SSSW 2011). One of the main activities consisted of working in groups to develop a mini-project. And a funny requirement was made: each group had to make a 1 minute video about the school, semantic technologies, etc.

Our team (Tim Hodson, Andrea Nuzzolese, Ferdinand Dhombres, Luca Greco and myself) was called Don’t move the plants, and we made the video which won the Best Video Award.

The first day we were informed of all the things we couldn’t do in the residence, like not moving the plants. That’s what our name came from, and what inspired our video. Here you have the result (thanks Tim for uploading it!).



My name is Esther Lozano and I am a PhD student at the Ontology Engineering Group of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. My research interests are focused on semantic web and ontology engineering.

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